Young Researchers

Re: November 29, 2015

EURAPA (The European Review of Aging and Physical Activity) is the official journal of EGREPA. In January 2015 the journal began publishing with BMC with the intention of further expanding its role as an interdisciplinary platform for the development and dissemination of scientific research relating to physical activity and aging. Thanks to the open access format, the journal will be available to a larger audience with an interest in aging and physical activity than was possible until now.

As a part of strengthening and promoting research on aging and physical activity, EGREPA invites young researchers to submit their papers to EURAPA. EGREPA offers Young Researcher Awards to candidates who are Ph.D. students or postdocs up to three years after graduation. We will grant up to five (5) Awards.

The Award will include the following:

  1. All five winners will receive an article-processing waiver (worth €1750!) for future use in EURAPA.
  2. In addition, the best paper will be granted €500, the next – €400, €300, and additional 2 papers will be granted €250 each.

In order to apply for the awards, papers are to be submitted to EURAPA under the category of Young Researcher Awards. The deadline for submission is September 30 2016.  Once the papers have been accepted for publication in EURAPA (through the normal procedure of review), they will be reviewed by the EGREPA Board and members of the Editorial Board of EURAPA, or by an external expert reviewer for specific topics, in order to decide whether they are entitled for the award and to decide on the ranking.

We look forward to receiving young researchers work and wish good luck to all our candidates.


Prof. Yael Netz, President.